Sunday, November 28, 2010

Legal actions continue in fight against Tenacatita Beach takeover

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - While the Rodenas bulldozers continue to tear down structures (the latest victim reportedly the small white house on the Pacific Ocean, very close to the rocks) evicted Mexican residents of the Tenacatita beach area are still working with attorneys to get their land back.
Police evicting residents in August, 2010
     Among the discussions ongoing are conversations about whether to proceed with legal action in the state of Jalisco's courts, or go directly to the federal government to seek legal relief and regain the land.
     The gringos who bought property along the oceanside of Tenacatita - whose property was also seized by Rodenas and state police August 4 - are awaiting action on their court claims, too.
   The state highway into the Tenacatita Beach area remains closed, gated and guarded, despite repeated efforts by various government officials and private parties to get it reopened.
Bulldozer at work

A march and demonstration to get the road opened ended with the protesters - and members of the news media - getting sprayed with chemicals by state police guarding the property claimed by Jose Villalobos and the Rodenas company.
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