Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Arroyo Seco may take seasonal campers with Tenacatita closed off

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - For several years, the Cuevas family of Arroyo Seco has been building an RV park on the beach at Arroyo Seco, never quite getting it finished, though the spaces are laid out and there is a nice picnic area overlooking the lagoon to the east.

It's still unfinished, as of this writing, but already some campers who normally would go to the Tenacatita beach area - now in total lockdown thanks to Jose Villalobos and his company - are looking for another space near the water for the winter and spring.

Jim Monaco (of Monaco Realty in Arroyo Seco and Melaque) has made some arrangements for some campers on the Arroyo Seco beach already on some other properties with ocean access.

Anyone interested in trying to find space along that stretch of beach should contact him at his Melaque office. The telephone number there is 315-355-5224.

Playa Grande from hilltop
Playa Grande in Arroyo Seco: Campers welcome, but facilities in short supply

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