Thursday, November 18, 2010

News video of people tearing down gate to Tenacatita Beach

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - In doing some YouTube research, this video (and many others) popped up of the recent incident in which a group of people tore down a part of the fence blocking the highway to the beaches at Tenacatita.

The video shows how explosive the situation is - even the television camera operator got doused with some kind of spray by the police guarding the property being held by Jose Villalobos, property he seized with the police August 4, evicting the residents.

The spray obviously hurt people's eyes - a lot. The TV reporter remarks on it in detail.

Recent reports from gringos who have been allowed into the area (without cameras) are that Villalobos has bulldozed all of the restaurants but is building some new palapas with concrete floors.

The video commentary of the confrontation is in Spanish, but the pictures tell the story:

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Anonymous said...

A few questions:
1. Were these State Police or the private security guards of Villalobos?
- Some photos show that they are wearing State Police shirts and jackets.
2. Who will discipline the guards and what are the consequences for the one who gave the orders? In other words, who is in control?
3. Do private security forces have the right to block a govt. road?
4. Who has seen the eviction notice that allowed Villalobos to forcefully evict people in the middle of the night and destroy personal property?
5. When will the Federal beach be accessible?