Friday, November 19, 2010

Driving through Tepic? Consulate warns to be extra careful

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Today's message board in La Manzanilla had a posting of a notice from the U.S Consulate General in Guadalajara, warning U.S. citizens to be extra vigilant when traveling in certain areas of western Mexico.

Here is a link to the full posting: Warning on message board

Site of shooting in October
The part of the warning that seemed the most relevant was for the city of Tepic, the site of a drug-related shooting in late October at a car wash.

The warning says to "avoid all unnecessary travel to the city of Tepic, Nayarit. Exercise extreme caution on the non-toll portion of the Route 15 bypass around Tepic."

Tepic is north of Puerto Vallarta. Here is a link to a story about what happened Oct. 27: Tepic shooting

 Given that this is the month when many people are heading south along the highway from the U.S. border to La Manzanilla - passing right through Tepic or around it on the highway bypass - the warning couldn't be much more timely.

National Public Radio had a story earlier this week about how the guns being used by the drug cartels are believed to be coming into Mexico from the U.S.: NPR story on guns in Mexico

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