Monday, November 29, 2010

Guadalajara meeting raises hopes Tenacatita to be open by Christmas

GUADALJARA, Jalisco, Mexico - A group of 75 people from Rebalsito, as well as 100 or so other interested parties - took part in the meeting held last week over the closure of Tenacatita Beach.
Residents being evicted in August

(See Pressure on to open Tenacatita, Nov. 23).

The entire area was seized Aug. 4 by state police working for developer Jose Villalobos, who claims ownership and is planning to build a resort. He has already torn down nearly all of the structures on the beach and is reported to be living one of the hillside houses overlooking Tenacatita Bay.

Between 700 to 800 people were evicted in the incident. Properties belong to Mexicans - and many non-Mexicans - were seized in the armed takeover.

After that recent meeting, the website Tenacatita on the Costa Alegre posted a report by Dobie (from Rebalsito) that the government of La Huerta will soon be granted the concession to the Tenacatita Beach. Currently there is no public access. Anyone attempting enter is challenged by the armed security forces of Villalobos and usually turned back. A few gringos have been allowed in, but only after being searched - and having their cameras and identification held by the guards at the double gate on the state highway.

The diputados involved in the Guadalajara meeting assured the crowd that the beach will be reopened so that the former restaurant owners and merchants can make some money during the busy holidays serving tourists.

Here is the last paragraph of Dobie's posting:

Tenacatita house, reportedly occupied by Jose Villalobos  
"There were two very welcome pieces of news. One is that the government of La Huerta is going to get the concession to the beach (and the ocean beach), and soon. The other is that the diputados assured us that the beach will be open in time for Christmas vacation so that people can come and camp and enjoy the beach, and everyone here can get back to work, however they can - setting up tarps, umbrellas, whatever... You can imagine how happy everyone was to hear that news! It's changed the whole vibe of the town. Everyone feels more hopeful." - Dobie

Here is a link to her entire post: LINK: Dobie's report on the Guadalajara meeting

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