Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gates down, beach access reportedly restored at Tenacatita

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - The message board in La Manzanilla is reporting that the Checkpoint Charlie bottleneck that kept the public from the Tenacatita Beach has been removed.

Here is the link to the La Manzanilla Board: La Manz Board - Tenacatita Fence is Down

Reports say this gate and the thug guards have been removed
 The land was seized by the Rodenas Corporation (and its politically well-connected owner Jose Villalobos of Guadalajara) in a  violent takeover August 4, 2010.

In the surprise attack and armed takeover, nearly 800 Mexican citizens - and few gringos - were rousted from homes by 200 police and forced to leave at gunpoint.

Their possessions were seized, stores looted. A few household items were returned later.

A number of unarmed people were hurt in the assault, though none of the armed men who assaulted the property owners were arrested or convicted.

What the opening of the beach means for people whose property was seized has yet to be determined.

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