Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tenacatita Beach and the loss of a Mexican community

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - The very dateline on this story raises a question. Is there even a village called Tenacatita anymore?

The nearby village of Rebalsito survived the armed onslaught that swallowed Tenacatita Beach nearly three years ago. But what of the actual community, named for the bay and residing on the tiny slip of land now occupied by armed invaders hired by the Rodenas Corporation?

Welcome to the Tenacatita Beach "access"
Rereading posts of the Tenacatita Bay Bugle in the months leading up to the seizure by the forces paid by Jose Villalobos of Guadalajara, you can see there is optimism for a Tenacatita that would have most likely continued on its prosperous course.

The restaurants and commercial activity had never been as evident or growing as fast. There was lots of new paint, new buildings, small markets, new plantings of trees and lots and lots of tourists.

And then poof, thanks to greed, power and a lot of guns, Tenacatita (the village, the community) disappeared almost overnight.

There is continued talk that the Mexican judicial system will eventually oust Villalobos and the aggressive armed guards who keep Mexicans and gringos alike from having anything remotely resembling normal free access to the public beach and land that once held a community.


But in the meantime, the question remains: Is there still a Tenacatita community or did Villalobos manage to destroy it along with all the businesses and homes his bulldozers turned to rubble?

Happy times, before Tenacatita Beach was seized by a Guadalajara developer

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Randy Crutcher, Ed.D. said...

Yes, as a lover of that beach and area and property owner in Arroyo Seco, I have watched those wheels of industry turn in a direction away from community. Now, it is time to use our collective power of intention to visualize anew the alternative to the armed camp. I am so happy to see a great photo of a joyful and thriving place. That is the picture I will hold in my mind along with others who have viewed it, tasted it, felt it and loved it.