Friday, April 15, 2011

SEMARNAT tells Rodenas and Villalobos - open the beach

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - A report out of Tenacatita says that for the first time, a part of the federal government of Mexico is trying to lay down the law and get Jose Villalobos to open the Tenacatita Beach to the public.
Villalobos seized the beach by force August 4, evicting families and landowners, claiming that the area was his.
He says he owns 42 hectares in the area but seized close to 80 hectares, including land along the Pacific Beach owned by Mexicans, Americans and other non-nationals.

SEMARNAT delivered an 8-page document to Villalobos, according to Dobie, who lives in Rebalsito and who has been instrumental in trying to get their land back.
Much of the land seized by Villalobos - with the help of the state police - is federally titled.
The SEMARNAT document says that if Rodenas wants to keep the concession to the beach he has to "abstain from doing anything to impede free access to the beach."
The terms of the concession say it is prohibited for Villalobos to put up any fences or impede free pedestrian access to the federal zone.
A violation of that will be cause for revocation of the concession.

Tenacatita Beach access point

Dobie said that Villalobos had five days to open the beach.  Because he hasn't, a notary has come to the beach as a witness that access is still being denied.
"This is a big step forward," she said. "It is the first time a federal agency (or any agency for that matter) has actually taken official, legal action."

Members of the fishing cooperative have filed a demanda against Rodenas and Villalobos for violation of their constitutional rights and loss of income. Dobie accompanied some of the members of the cooperative to Guadlajara recently the help with the filing.
"The lawyers are feeling very positive," she said.
The August 2010 eviction process

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Irene said...

Thank you for sharing this. However, you need to correct the caption under the foto!! Yes, we were forcibly evicted at gunpoint, but what you see on that foto are the yellow t-shirts, a large group of people employed by Villalobos, who a) entered my house without permit, b) threw everything out c) robbed in all the other places too. All you see on those trucks are things they tried to rob, but the village people had put up an earth dam, so they couldn't get out. But they staid for days after that, and emptied the restaurants of food and drinks and took other things, too.