Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oregon benefit for Tenacatita nets more than $1,600 USD

DEADWOOD, Oregon, USA - A fundraiser held here for the 800 people evicted at gunpoint from Tenacatita by wealthy Guadalajara developer Jose Villalobos August 4, 2010 raised more than $1,600. And the party that night went on past 2 a.m.

The event had about 100 people attend, with locally grown organic beef donated by Allen and Kristi Guse, said Felisa Rogers, one of the event organizers. There were $5 taco dinners with an additional $250 worth of food was donated by Kamari Moeller and Tom and Becky Gannon. Karen Moeller made and donated the desserts.
'Coco Open' attire

"People made a sliding scale donation of $5 or more to see The Crow Quill Night Owls, an excellent band that plays old-timey jazz and jug band music," Felisa said. "The band played three sets and was very popular with the crowd (lots of dancing)."

Anyone familiar with the 30-year-old tradition called the 'coco open,' held annually on the Tenacatita Beach would have been right at home. Some people dressed in lingerie or golf attire to honor this ancient Tenacatita cultural tradition.

"We had a pinata for the kids and a costume competition with me and our neighbor Michelle Holman as MCs," she said.

Felisa also gave a slide show about the situation. LINK: Tenacatita presentation

Gary Thomas of Mendocino brought Tenacatita t-shirts.  A number of people from Seattle and Portland attended the event, including many former visitors to Tenacatita.

"The raffle was a particular success--we sold hundreds of $1 tickets. Prizes included a massage by Angela Adamski LMT and a custom made bikini by Shady Lady designs," Felisa said. "One of the prizes was cash. Half of the pot was intended for the winner and the other half for the Tenacatita Fund. Greg Hertzbach won the prize, and donated his winnings back to the fund."

Here is a video of the band playing at the fundraiser:

Here are some additional photos from the event, sent to the Tenacatita Bay Bugle by Felisa Rogers:


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