Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tenacatita news too optimistic again - beach remains closed

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - Tenacatita Beach remains closed and will likely remain so unless developer Jose Villalobos signs a document allowing limited access.

The following was posted by Rebalsito resident Dobie, who has been active in assisting the people evicted August 4 by security forces.

     Sorry to report that the gate is still there. Yes, the beach is open if they feel like letting you in, and you show your I.D. (so they can write your name down) and you don't take a camera or a cell phone, and they'll watch you the whole time, and there are no services, and, and, and....
      In yesterday's Jornada article it says that Villalobos "could" sign the agreement this week, (which would open the beach, but with many conditions) and then he would have 5 days to get his guys out of there, or at least only on his supposed 42.5 hectares. But the conditions include days use only, no camping, no one can build palapas or open restaurants, only vendedores ambulantes (with permits, of course). Doesn't sound much like free access to me. Most people here think it's unacceptable; others feel like it's a first step.
      It's clear that it's not just governor Emilio that's backing Villalobos, but higher-ups in the federal government too.
      I find it hard to believe that they'll take the gate down, especially if they want everyone out by 6 PM. How are they going to keep people from coming back?
      But I do believe in miracles, and at this point that's what I think it'll take. 

State Police evicting residents
 Area residents - and the persons evicted - had hoped that the beach would be reopened in time for the Christmas holidays.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the Guadalajara-based developer who is said to be living on the Tenacatita Beach.

State police - allegedly enforcing a court order - seized the area August 4, evicting as many as 800 persons and seizing beachfront lots owned by Mexican and non-Mexican residents.


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