Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tenacatita Day of Camping Monday will be a boat-in event

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - The La Manzanilla message board reported today that the 'day of camping' picnic on Tenacatita Beach, Monday, Dec. 27, will begin with a panga ride across Tenacatita Bay from La Manzanilla to the disputed beach area of Tenacatita.

 A post, by Dobie of Rebalsito, (who has been helping organize the people evicted by Jose Villalobos August 4), says that people should gather by a 10 a.m. Monday at Restaurant Cato on the La Manzanilla beach. From there, boats will traverse the bay, with a landing on the beach at Tenacatita. About 150 people are expected to be taken there by water.

Here is a link to her full message: Beach landing for Tenacatita Event

Fence and gate blocking access to Tenacatita
The news that the 'picnic' is taking place comes after several days of individuals reportedly saying in La Manzanilla that Tenacatita Beach was open to the public - or about to be opened with full public access.

As of late Thursday, the gates - and guards - were still in place, barring the public from the formerly popular resort area.

The entire area was seized by armed forces under the direction of Guadalajara developer Jose Villalobos who claims ownership of the area - despite the federal titles issued for the land, held by many Mexican and non-Mexican citizens.

Jose Villalobos
In his August 4 takeover, nearly 800 people were evicted from their homes and businesses at gunpoint. Several persons were arrested and numerous persons injured in the assault.

Since then, numerous protests have taken place, Jalisco government officials have expressed outrage over the takeover, and lawsuits have been filed against Rodenas claiming - among other things - that his gunpoint takeover of the bay and oceanfront land was unconstitutional.

Villalobos reportedly has plans to build a luxury hotel in the area - and possibly a golf course.

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