Friday, March 18, 2011

Fundraiser for displaced Tenacatita residents April 9 - in Oregon

DEADWOOD, Oregon, USA - A fundraiser for the people of Tenacatita - many of whom were forced from their homes at gunpoint August 4, 2010 - is set for Saturday, April 9 here in the northwest.

The fundraiser is going to be held at the Deadwood Community Center and will have a dinner, entertainment and a raffle.

Felisa Rogers, managing editor of The People's Guide to Mexico, (LINK TO GUIDE) says that the event is expected to draw people from as far as California and Seattle.

"We are having a dinner (taco bar) and show (with an excellent band, The Crow Quill Night Owls) on April 9. We'll also have a raffle of donated items, t-shirts for sale, and a costume competition," she said.

Rogers has written about the Tenacatita situation on her blog, Winterpalace, also. LINK: Winterpalace by Felisa Rogers.

Here is the flier circulating to promote the event:

The land in Tenacatita was taken over August 4, 2010 by wealthy Guadalajara developer Jose Villalobos who has announced he has plans to build a luxury hotel and golf course on his claimed 42 hectares along the bay and oceanfront.

He claims he purchased the land 20 years ago and that the people who were evicted were squatters.

Many of the people who were evicted have filed lawsuits in Mexican courts to regain their lands.

Many of these same people - including Americans, Canadians, Germans as well as Mexicans - hold federal titles signed by former Mexican President Vincente Fox or incumbent President Felipe Calderon.

As the court cases slowly wind their way through the system. many of the people who have filed the lawsuits fear that when Felipe Calderon leaves office at the end of his term, he might be replaced by Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, currently the governor of Jalisco.

Marquez has steadfastly refused to intervene - even though Jalisco state police were involved in the evictions and are themselves the subject of many claims of brutality by the people forced out of their homes.

Marquez is closely linked to Villalobos also because Villalobos (the former president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce) is heading up the Pan-American Games efforts in Guadalajara. The games begin in October.

The governor (left) with Villalobos



felisa said...

Thanks! Will report back.

Anonymous said...

What has become of all the lawsuits filed against Villalobos? And what if anything is the Mexican Government going to do about this guy's blatant defiance to the order to reopen the beach area. I am one of the American people who owned a Hotel in Tenacatita, as of now my husband has been waiting for the final trial but there is nothing but silence. He keeps being told by his attorney that the case is being reveiwed. And through this ordeal, all I see is this Villalobos getting away with everything..