Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going over the menu for first night La Manzanilla

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Time is growing short, and already I am thinking about the first evening when Adm. Fox and I will arrive back in La Manzanilla, in December.

There will, of course, be the requisite walk along the beach to see sunset over the ocean, preceded by a sojourn about town with stops to see various amigos and check to see what is new - and what's gone.

And, of course, the most likely destination for dinner will be Palapa Joes restaurant.

  • LINK: Palapa Joes

  • Palapa Joe's watches the inauguration
    Palapa Joes patrons watching the Obama inauguration last year

    That first night back in town should also be a reunion with our amiga Laura from Canada (who will be teaching English in Arroyo Seco this spring) and friends from Hector, New York, Tina and Eric Hazlitt.

    Laura arrives the same day as we do - Eric and Tina will be arrive a few days earlier and will likely have already discovered all the great places to eat, drink, and play.

    What would be the ideal menu for me at Palapa Joes?

    No need to ask.

    Meatloaf supreme at Palapa Joe's
    Meatloaf supreme

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    Jenn said...

    Not fair...I want Palapa Joes! Una margarita y burrito con jalapenos y "Sour Cream"
    Give Marta a big hug for us! :)