Thursday, November 6, 2008

More photos from Arroyo Seco, Tenacatita and La Manzanilla

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - In going through files this week, a treasure trove of photos has surfaced.

One shows some surfer-dudes getting ready to hit the water in Arroyo Seco. That photo is truly historic as it was taken only a few days after we decided to buy the downtown Arroyo Seco lot for a combination conference center, safari camp and cantina. And the surfer dudes - who were hungry, thirsty and looking for lodging - validated our idea of what we wanted to build (and are building) in the village.

More on how it's developing will be posted in future blogs, or in the Captain's Blog. (The link is on the right of this posting.)

Another photo is of some swimmers at the beach at Boca de Iguanas, getting ready to brave an undertow that is supposed to be fierce.

The third shot was taken while a team of professional photographers was taking wedding photos on the beach at Tenacatita.

Talk about bringing back memories...

Surfer dudes at Arroyo Seco
Surfer dudes with the Admiral Fox and son Dylan Fox (cowboy hat)

Swimming at rocks at Boca
Watch out for that famous Boca undertow!

Beach wedding at Tenacatita
Taking wedding photos at Tenacatita Beach

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