Sunday, March 4, 2007

First posting for the Tenacatita Bay Bugle

ENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico
- Today marks the first blog of the Tenacatita Bay Bugle, a publication belonging to - and to be published by - journalists Michael Fitzgerald & Sylvia Fox who are in the process of trying to move from the U.S. to the Admiralty Beach area of Tenacatita.

For persons not familiar with that part of the Costa Alegre, the pueblo of Tenacatita is at the northwest corner of Tenacatita Bay, at the end of a long crescent-shaped beach.

World headquarters for the Bugle is only two short blocks from downtown with an oceanfront view of the Pacific.

Tenacatita Bay Bugle headquarters
Bugle's temporary headquarters

Of course, this is just the temporary facility - grand plans are already being drafted that would make Charles Foster Kane envious.

More on when the Bugle's new building will be built and regular publishing dates will follow in coming weeks and months.

In the mean, listen for the Bugle and here's a couple of other photos from the area:

View from the office window
View from the publisher's office window

Tenacatita town, facing the bay
Tenacatita downtown, facing the bay


brenda said...

I like your sense of humor. I also love your choice of headquarters. Maybe your plans for the new building are a little overzealous? I was there camping at Tenacatita at the snorkelling beach, Playa Mora last winter till feb. 2007 and was planning to go back this season. Is there still camping there? If you see/ know Chuy, the reef protector, please say hola from Dave, Brenda and their mexican hairless dog, Chili. maybe aee you too.

Raul Espinoza said...

Hello there,
I was looking around for info about Tenacatita when I Stumbled upon your blog. Tenacatita is a place I used to go often as a child, I now live in Dallas and it has been a While. Anyhow, from reading your blog I sensed that you may want to start some kind of business in Tenacatita; well let me tell you that I'm working on promoting a Hotel that is for sale located right on tenacatita about 1km from the beach. I don't Know when was the last time you were there but you may have seen it, it is called Mision del Sol and it opened for business on Nov. 2007 if you would like more info about it please let me know. I'll be happy to send you an e-mail.
Raul Espinoza